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TheMustache Avatar
TheMustache GYO Verified

Member since Jan 08, 2020

NA (Midwest) Mix

Nibleyy Avatar
Nibleyy GYO Verified

Member since Jan 10, 2020

NA (West) Competitive

smittytest1122 Avatar
smittytest1122 GYO Verified

Member since Feb 09, 2019

NA-East Social

Royal Abort Avatar
Royal Abort GYO Verified

Member since Jul 31, 2019

NA (Midwest) Mix

Speedie735 Avatar
Speedie735 GYO Verified

Member since Jan 09, 2020

NA (South) Mix

Slasherj94 Avatar
Slasherj94 GYO Verified

Member since Jan 12, 2020

NA (Midwest) Mix

Fishy Avatar
Fishy GYO Verified

Member since Jan 14, 2020

NA (East) Competitive

Kelsier Avatar
Kelsier GYO Verified

Member since Jan 07, 2020

NA (West)

Glizzi Avatar
Glizzi GYO Verified

Member since Jan 14, 2020

NA (East) Mix

Jmurch3 Avatar
Jmurch3 GYO Verified

Member since Jan 09, 2020

NA (East)

Peachy Avatar
Peachy GYO Verified

Member since Dec 06, 2019

NA (East) Mix

FarmView Avatar

Member since Jan 02, 2020

NA (East)

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Rocket League's Chinese New Year event kicks off next week

Rocket League's new arena, the Forbidden Temple, is a fetching car-ball battlefield all decked out reds and purples, and it will be available to everyone from January 20 to celebrate Chinese New Year. Along with the Forbidden Temple, the Lucky Lanterns event will also let you earn red envelopes that can be redeemed for New Year rewards, including some very flashy cosmetics for your wee cars, including paper dragon kites and new dragon-themed skins. Get your hands on limited-time golden lanterns…

Rocket League modders are making prop hunt, pool, and more weird and wonderful things

Football is so 12th Century. Thank God for Rocket League, which took football and transformed it into flying rocket car daftness. The onward march of human progress didn’t stop there, however. Modders have since transformed Rocket League into flight combat sims, obstacle courses, and Quidditch. It’s all impressive, but I’m most enamoured with the work of pro player “Lethamyr”, who moonlights as a modder turning Rocket League into pinball, pool, beer pong and prop hunt. (more…)

Rocket League celebrates Chinese New Year with a new map next week

Videogames are always willing to pounce on excuses to sell you hats, so naturally Rocket League is celebrating the Chinese New Year. The event kicks off on Monday. There will be new rims and such, available to buy on the recently reworked and now slightly cheaper store. I’m more interested in the new Forbidden Temple Arena, which looks like a colourful escape from this dreary January. (more…)

Celebrate the Lunar New Year with Lucky Lanterns on January 20

Get ready to ring in the new year with Lucky Lanterns! This in-game event will celebrate the Lunar New Year with items from the Event Store, unique items from the Item Shop, and a brand new arena on January 20!
The Forbidden Temple Arena is nearly ready for play! Check out a glimpse of the stunning new field below. Start 2020 in style with in-game items inspired by the Lantern Festival. Play Online Matches to earn Red Envelopes, which can then be…

GYO COD MW League - Season 2 Announcement

Hello COD players,

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday break and new year. We've been busy at work updating and adding features to our league software to provide a better experiance for you all. 

Season 2 is kicking off after a great period of testing during season 1. We've made some changes to the format and structure. Check out the changes below: 

1. League and game chat lobbies

We've added a chat lobby now to the league homepage dashboard and for each of your individual matches. We want communication to be fluid without you having to go back and forth from discord to the site. This is currently in "beta" mode, so there may be some bugs. We'd love for you to utilize the chat lobby so we can get some feedback on improving this. 

2. Pre-made teams and free agents are allowed in Season 2

There was a substantial amount of teams that requested to join with pre-made teams. Starting season 2, teams may join as complete teams. 

Free agents are also welcome to join and captains will utilize the draft process to ensure those players are placed on a team. 

3. Games are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday for 9pm EST. 

We saw that the weekend in the evening is the most open times for participants to play. Games will be scheduled for a locked start time. We want to make sure people can schedule adequetly without having to discuss re-scheduled times. We're not going to completely ignore rescheduling, if it works best for both teams and it's within a reasonable time, we'll allow it. 

4. If you paid for Season 1, you do not need to pay for Season 2. 

Please message me through GYO messages or discord if you have any questions, we're looking forward to kicking off Season 2 and improving the leagues for you all! 

Noah Hankinson

Discord: Noah Hankinson#9532

GYO is Ready to Roar in 2020

Nearly two years ago, the initial GYO founding team sat around a table and discussed a simple concept: esports needs more support for the dreamers of esports. The pros have plenty of support, but what about the players who dream of one day following those footsteps? For those players, there were not many resources.

Flash forward and after a year and a half of development, GYO officially emerged out of Beta and has since been on a tear – adding nearly 600 new player accounts per day. Our messaging is simple: if you have a dream to pursue a path to the pros and/or esports scholarships, and we’re here to serve you.

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